Trait d’Union

We assist people in need, preserving their autonomy and dignity while empowering them with real support and solidary. In 2018, Achrafieh 2020 identified thirty families living in extreme poverty and accordingly supported them to become independent again. The financial and economic crisis coupled with the massive increase in unemployment and Read more…

Clean Streets

A widely televised campaign to raise awareness among the residents about dog poop, civic responsibility, cleanliness, and community services.

International Earth Hour

“Baddna ntaffiya baddna nwale3a” (to blow it up, we are going to turn it off). Our commitment to joining International Earth Day efforts began in 2013, when ABC Achrafieh and Byblos Bank tower in Sassine turned off their lights. In 2014, with the support of the European Union and the Centre Read more…

Green Rooftops

To help people save energy while beautifying their rooftops, we collaborated with local schools to teach kids how to plant and take care of trees. Trees on rooftops reduce the cold in winter and the heat in summer.

Green Balconies

To add much needed greenery to the concrete jungle, we donated plants to households so they could beautify their balconies.

Car Free Days

After the positive feedback from our first car-free event in 2012, we went on to organize several well-received pedestrian-friendly days 4 to 5 times a year around different areas of Achrafieh from Rmeil to Mar Mikhael, Gemmayzeh, Monot, and Sodeco. Each time residents and visitors had the opportunity to meet Read more…